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Remonica was such a blessing to our family!  She is knowledgeable, kind and very patient. When first coming to see Remonica, my son wasn’t able to chew properly and was extremely selective with what he would eat, but after working with him for a few months, he not only went on to chew, but he has become more adventurous with his eating habits.  We owe her a great amount of gratitude for getting us through a very tough time and helping us overcome what seemed like impossible hurdles.  She’s the best!


We knew pretty quickly our daughter Lakin would need speech therapy. Right around two years old, Lakin started speech therapy with Mrs. Remonica. We were extremely pleased with our daughter's progress. Mrs. Remonica always took a personal interest in Lakin and all she was interested in. She kept us up to date every session on her progress and things we could continue to work on at home. Not only did Lakin's speech improve, so did her self confidence. We are so proud of her and she wouldn't have got to the level she is without the help of Mrs. Remonica!


Remonica changed our boy's life.  He could talk when he first met her, but it was only intelligible by family taking effort to understand him.  She helped him learn to speak in a way that he is understood by all.  He has developed a newfound confidence in himself due to her help.  Not only did she help him learn to speak clearly, but she helped him be confident in his ability.  She applauded good behavior and demonished bad behavior, allowing him to know that while she loves him and will help him, there are boundaries that he needs to know and respect.  Hands down, she is the best. If you’re looking for someone who will absolutely change the life of her patients, then you’ve found her. We are forever grateful for Remonica!


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